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Though we don't share the same blood
You're my brother, and I love you. That's the truth

--Brother from Kodaline

 Camaraderie. Brotherhood. War stories.

Call it what you want, but community is the glue that keeps our lives in order.  Society doesn't encourage men to share struggles or ask for help, but as a human, we all need it sometimes. 


We'll share stories of the real $h!t people don't tell you about parenting, across some of the most real and honest moments in our journeys as Whole Dads.  There are times when being a Dad is terrifying, hysterically funny, frustrating, and wildly emotional - sometimes all at once.  Our communities across work, hobbies, parenthood, faith, fitness, and other areas of our lives are what make, and keep, us Whole.

You're not alone as a Whole Dad - ever!  Read on to find your place in this rewarding community of struggles, triumphs, and friendship where you just might earn some bragging rights or make new friends along the way.

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