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Anyone can be a father, but it takes someone special to be a Dad.

I didn't coin the phrase, but it's one that is so true. Becoming a father means we've contributed DNA. But, Dad is a title we earn when we create a family.

To ever hear the first "Da-da", which starts an evolution to Daddy, then Dad, we have to live side by side with our kids and our partners, celebrating the highs and persevering through the lows.  We can't just contribute.


That journey together, over mountains and through valleys of emotion requires endurance we've never experienced before, and it is the most challenging, and also the most rewarding, journey we'll ever walk.  


Whole Dads are not alone, and starting family is only the very beginning of the rest of our lives.  Read on for stories, inspiration, & motivation, then tell us about your Family in the comments!

Overjoyed young family with little preschooler kids have fun cooking baking pastry or pie
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