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Complete trust in someone or something

We all know "faith" has a spiritual meaning, but if we search for the definition, we'll see the text above as well.  Faith is total trust in something or someone outside of our own control. As Whole Dads, we all have our own channels for faith, and none of them are better than the next because faith is uniquely defined by each of us as part of our whole identities. 

Whole Dads must have faith in our partners, our Gods, our universe, karma, or whatever it is that helps us feel connected to the world beyond our immediate selves.  It is the cornerstone that carries us through those moments of frustration, anger, disbelief, and occasionally grief when nothing else seems to slow down the roller coaster of life. 
Read on for stories of strength, resilience, & loyalty, then share your own Whole Dad faith moments!

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